Welcome To Aspirant

Aspirant solely focuses on customer’s challenges and provide solutions to ensure that our customers are secured enough to handle the external attack or internal sabotage and have maximum productivity. Aspirant with its focus and niche in IT Security arena (for IT Infrastructure & Networks) strives to provide solutions for Privileged Password Management, Remote Vendor Management, Internet Access management, Patch and Compliance Management, Eliminate Administrator Rights & Least Privilege Access.

Whether your needs are for a custom, hi-end IT solution or ongoing mgt. of IT services, you will reduce costs and realize improved results by leveraging Aspirant's strengths & competencies.

Eliminate Admin Rights

With Privilege Guard there is no need to Grant Admin Rights to the Users. Create Secure, Compliant and Standard Environment. Allow Applications, Processes & ActiveX control to Run without giving Admin Level Privileges to the users.

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Network Security

ThreatSTOP’s Service blocks inbound and outbound communications to known cyber-criminal command and control infrastructure. It blocks communication between the hacker’s tools, which have already made it into your network.

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Web Filtering

The iPrism Web Filter protects your organization from Internet-based threats such as malware, spyware, Botnet, IM, P2P & EMail Based threats. with its robust policy-driven filtering and reporting technology with h-series appliance.

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HelpDesk / Service Desk

TPAM provides Best Management of Privileged Accounts,Application Passwords, Session Management, Remote Sessions& Command Line Inst. Also Manage 'Root,'Administrator', 'Sa'.

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Password Management

Total Privileged Access Management (TPAM) provides Best Management of Privileged Accounts, Application Passwords, Session Management, Remote Sessions & Command Line Inst. Also Manage 'Root, 'Administrator' , 'Sa'  & other Privileged Password.

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Patch & Compliance Mgt.

Identify and patch vulnerabilities across heterogeneous OSes, configurations and 3rd party applications. Flexible & Robust scanning option. Protection against highlycomplex Viruses, Trojans & Malware and reduce your  risk.

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