About Aspirant

Founded:March 18, 2002

Financial Status:  Aspirant is a privately held company.

Company Profile: 

Aspirant solely focuses on customer’s challenges and provide solutions to ensure that our customers are secured enough to handle the external attack or internal sabotage and have maximum productivity. Aspirant with its focus and niche in IT Security arena (for IT Infrastructure & Networks) strives to provide solutions for Privileged Password Management, Remote Vendor Management, Single Sign-On solutions, Internet Access management, Patch and Compliance Management, Eliminate Administrator Rights, Least Privilege Access, Appliance based eMail solutions, network Access Control Solution and IT Helpdesk solutions.

We assist our client to meet the challenge of changing workloads and technical requirements by providing the highest quality services in resource development, maintenance and support thereby allowing its clients to focus their energy and resources on their core business and improve their bottom line.

Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Banking, Insurance, Finance, Healthcare and Public utilities are our key-sectors. Client-Server, Web Enabling, Network Consultation etc are among the many services we offer.


Privileged Password Management: Know exactly “Who” did “What” “When” “Why” and for “How long” for Windows, Unix, Linux, Databases, Firewalls, Cisco switches, Mainframes environment for internal staff & external vendors and use the session recording for ample evidence of any sabotage. Access can be reduces even to command level access.

Internet Access Management: Know “Who” is surfing “What” for “How long” and “How much” bandwidth they use and data they download. Allow the users to access legitimate urls useful for your business (role based access). Completely Block or Monitor the Instant Messaging (chatting). Restrict the access to webmail other than the business use.

Privilege Guard: Eliminate Administrator Rights, implement “Least Privilege” and still allow end-users to run all required Windows applications, processes and ActiveX controls. By eliminating the need to grant administrator rights to end-users, IT departments can create a more secure, compliant and standard environment.

Security & Compliance: The Lumension  Patch & Remediation solution will help to  standardize endpoint configurations and automate patch management across the entire endpoint environment. By eliminating vulnerabilities in third party applications and heterogeneous operating systems, IT risk can be effectively reduced, while endpoint operations can be improved.

VersaSRS HelpDesk Solution: versaSRS is a flexible Service and Request Management Support solution that will enable your business to quickly and effectively support, manage and improve the quality of your interactions with your employees, end users and customers. The versaSRS framework, adaptability and design enable your company to implement the solution for business processes which cover a wide range of areas – catering for virtually any process which requires comprehensive management and communications tracking.

Device & Application Management: Centrally control and enforce security policies regarding use of removable devices (e.g., USB flash drives) and media (e.g., DVDs/CDs) to prevent data loss and theft, thwart malware intrusion, and protect data via encryption.

Enforce flexible application whitelist policies that identify and prevent the installation and execution of any unwanted, untrusted, or malicious applications - without relying on the latest anti-virus definitions and vulnerability patches.

Network Access Control: There are many NAC solutions available, most requiring installation of components on endpoints, upgrade of existing network elements or structural changes. Implementation and deployment processes are usually costly and complex, and may cause decrease of normal business productivity..

In response, Access layers provides class-leading global Nac Solution that provide Reduce Operational Risks, Increase Corporate Compliance & Governance, Continuous real-time network monitoring, Multiple authentication schemes, 3D authorization mechanism, Protect your VoIP network, Gain visibility of your network inventory, Transparent implementation.