About Access Layers

Access layers ltd provides our customers with a complete, centralized horizontal security and management system of all their network’s access points . This unique and innovative, first of its kind type of network security is due to the groundbreaking paradigm shift in the conventional concept of network security. The principal behind the product is that only following the implementation of an all inclusive control of all access points (ports), can one totally secure the network from the inside and out.

Since its establishment in January 2005 by two industry veterans, Mr. Ofer Amitai and Mr. Nir Aran, the access layers company has been providing our customers with a powerful tool for their complete network security. This following is backed and supported by an exceptional professional staff and a flawless service record.

Unlike most firms in the security industry, the access layers founders and staff grew out of the ‘real – world’ of hands-on experience in the network security integration and field engineering. This battlefield tested and proven knowledge of the access layers team, provides our clients with the assurance and a peace of mind stemming from a solution that works in practice, not only in theory.

The Product
While other disciplines are moving ‘somewhere’ with solutions which have no correlation with the network infrastructure,
access layers with its flagship product portnox™, has filled the gap among the different IT disciplines. This integration, is crucial to overcoming LAN basic operation problems. The portnox™ solution is practically assembling a new LAN context out of all the network components, from the ethernet port, the IP device, the operating system and the user account.

access layers' flagship product, portnox™ combines NAC (network access control) and a proactive network management in a single solution that interrogates, authenticates, manages and controls access through each and every port or device attempting access to the network.  Moreover, portnox seamlessly integrates with any of the already existing IT infrastructure and technologies at the client’s network – without disrupting the end-user or, the network productivity or, any changes to existing infrastructure.

The access layers NAC is easily assimilated into the enterprise’s network, while providing a completely transparent control and it enables a custom tailored guideline for enforcement to match the level of policy violations while preventing the all too common operational disruptions during device interrogation and authentication. True to its mission to provide our customers wit superior solution and timely professional response, the access layers company continues innovating with the development of the next generation of products – the NSOF.

access layer’s headquarters are located in Hertzeliyah, ISRAEL.
This company location is the international HQ for the access layers global sales, marketing and support network. The corporate center serves our customers and strategic partners locally  and abroad. Among our customers and partners are many well known companies in Israel and worldwide access layers ltd is closely aligned with our strategic partners and is considered to be a key player in the Israeli market for networking and telephony solutions.