Privilege Guard

Windows Privilege Management

Flexibility is power. It’s now simple to give all your users the privileges they need to remain productive, empowering them wherever they are without impacting the security posture of your systems and networks. With Privilege Guard all users operate under a least privilege account and privileges are assigned directly to the applications that require them.


Regardless of your operating environment, physical, virtual or cloud the challenge to retain control and manage application privileges remains the same. Privilege Guard enables you to centrally manage application privileges across all delivery mechanisms.

Privilege Guard helps you 

  • Operate all users under a standard user account
  • Assign privileges to individual applications and tasks
  • Prevent the execution of unauthorized applications
  • Centrally manage policy through Active Directory Group Policy
  • Communicate to users through customizable messaging
  • Set up simple policies for on-going management and configuration
  • Monitor and audit all privileged activity
  • Centralize reporting based on standard Microsoft technologies