Privilege Manager for Unix - Features

  • Safe Root Partitioning - Privilege Manager helps you partition system administration tasks without compromising the security of the root account. You can define an elaborate policy that determines whether and when any user requests are accepted or rejected. The feature ensures users perform only the root actions for which they are responsible and authorized.
  • Indelible Audit Trail - Privilege Manager records all activities performed with elevated access, even down to the keystroke level, if required. This power to accurately log root and other account activities in a controlled environment provides a secure system administration policy with an indelible audit trail.

  • Encryption, Authentication and Program Controls - Privilege Manager for Unix encrypts its own network traffic to prevent unauthorized access to highly sensitive information. Security is further enhanced by restricting unauthorized or destructive programs and data maintained, stored and/or executed on Unix systems.
  • Central Management of Heterogeneous Networks - Privilege Manager for Unix provides full functionality for heterogeneous organizations using a single, uniform manager interface to deliver configuration and management.
  • Robust Multi-platform Support - Privilege Manager for Unix supports a wide range of Unix and Linux platforms including IBM AIX,HP-UX, Sun, SuSE Linux, RedHat Linux, Tru64, SGI and more.