More than 2 million unique malware samples are identified per month . The volume and sophistication of malware continues to grow exponentially and zero day attacks are also on the rise. Much of today's malware is fueled by financially motivated cyber criminals, trying to gain access to valuable corporate, consumer and/or personal data. Malware can disrupt your operations, cost you time and money in repair and remediation and could lead to stolen information.

Organizations need anti-virus software that provides fast and accurate identification of the vast amount of known malware. And with malware's increasing sophistication, organizations need protection that employs multiple detection techniques to identify and block unknown malware (e.g., zero-day exploits).

Chart Growth Of Malware

Average Number of New Malware Discovered per Minute

Extrapolated from McAfee Labs, McAfee Threats-Report: Third Quarter 2010



Intelligent Whitelisting

An Introduction to More Effective and Efficient Endpoint Security

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Lumension® AntiVirus is based on proven technology that incorporates a pioneering and industry-leading anti-malware engine to provide protection against all malware, including viruses, Trojans, rootkits, spyware and adware. It provides advanced protection via traditional signature-matching capabilities as well as innovative DNA Matching, SandBox and Exploit Detection technologies which provide proactive protection against zero-day threats.

And by combining this signature-based blacklisting and behavioral malware detection with the proactive whitelisting approach of Lumension® Application Control, you can ensure defense-in-depth endpoint security. This provides you the flexibility to achieve strong and comprehensive endpoint protection using complementary solutions on different endpoints depending on their security requirements.

Lumension® AntiVirus is available as a stand-alone module or within the Lumension® Intelligent Whitelisting™ solution, which integrates Lumension® AntiVirus, Lumension® Application Control with its trust-based change management engine, and Lumension® Patch and Remediation to deliver a unified workflow that effectively operationalizes whitelisting for dynamic endpoint environments. Both Lumension® Antivirus andLumension® Intelligent Whitelisting™ are delivered on the Lumension® Endpoint Management and Security Suite. Featured Link ReThink

Think Before You Renew Your AntiVirus

Learn the True Costs of Malware and How Much Your Current AV Really Costs

Is it time for your business to make the shift to an integrated endpoint management and security suite? Learn more about the benefits of a suite based endpoint security solution by visiting the "Think Before You Renew AV" information center.

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Lumension® AntiVirus provides an important layer in a comprehensive defense-in-depth endpoint security strategy:

Block malware Prevent viruses, worms, Trojans and other types of malware such as keyloggers, hijackers and rootkits from wreaking havoc on endpoints.

Remove identified malware Ensure that any detected malware is removed or quarantined and not allowed to remain on network assets.

Integrates with Lumension® Application Control and Lumension® Patch and Remediation as part of Lumension® Intelligent Whitelisting™ Improve endpoint security effectiveness without impacting productivity via the industry's first intelligent application whitelisting solution.