Core Suite Features

Product Features


Modular, Extensible Architecture
  • Scalable, enterprise-class architecture grows with your business, providing secure management of all endpoints in small as well as larger, distributed and highly complex IT infrastructures.
Performance and Scalability
  • This extensible platform utilizes a single infrastructure that ultimately reduces your TCO.
Single, Resilient Agent for Stability and Control
  • Lumension® Endpoint Management and Security Suite utilizes a single agent architecture with modularly delivered product capabilities to eliminate agent bloat and simplify upgrades.
  • Self-monitoring and recovery capabilities ensure continuous agent availability and control despite any unforeseen system health issues.
Improves Operational Security
  • The Lumension agent is modular, easy-to-deploy and tamper-resistant.
Immediate Policy Updates and Actions
  • Delivers near real-time policy and event updates between server and agents, enabling immediate endpoint management.
Take Any Action in Real Time
  • Securely provides the efficiency and near real-time interaction without relying on Push technology (currently available in all product modules except Lumension® Patch and Remediation). .
Role-based Access Control

Provides granular control of groups and domains.

  • Enables different users to have distinct views and system access dependent on their role or security level in the company.
Simplified, Secure and Flexible Console Access
  • Safeguards sensitive information and prevents user errors potentially caused by unauthorized user access.
Active Directory Integration and Synchronization
  • Supports domains, user groups, and individual users set up in Active Directory.
  • Schedulable AD Sync wizard harmonizes the infrastructure set-up.
    • Sync to entire AD domain or individual groups.
Reduces IT Operations Time and Effort
  • Reduces setup and maintenance of users and user groups by leveraging definitions in existing Active Directory.
Enhanced Asset Discovery and Agent Deployment
  • Scans the environment for endpoints, providing comprehensive visibility into both managed and unmanaged systems.
  • Deploys agents to unmanaged systems interactively, automatically or on a scheduled basis.
Improved Visibility and Security Posture
  • Always know what’s connected to your network with discovery and agent deployment for both physical and virtual environments.
Virtual Infrastructure Aware
  • Comprehensive inventory management system identifies all virtual systems in your environment.
  • Virtual awareness provides confidence in successfully managing your virtual datacenter infrastructure.
Increases Your Visibility and Security Posture
  • Enables you to manage both physical and virtual systems within the same endpoint management solution.
Installation Manager

Simplifies Upgrade, Addition, and Removal of Lumension® Endpoint Management and Security Suite modules.

  • Easy upgrades: Integrated application that easily identifies licensed modules and new upgrades available for installation.
  • Safe installations and upgrades: Ensures compatibility between feature/server module versions through installation suites.
Reduces Operational TCO
  • Supplies a view of all licensed modules in the entire environment.
  • Reduces the time and effort IT staff needs for software upgrades by simplifying Lumension® Endpoint Management and Security Suite module installations, uninstalls, and upgrades across the environment. .
  • Lumension® Endpoint Management and Security Suite offers multiple predefined on-board report templates that list and/or depict data collected during network management.
  • Data included in Lumension® Endpoint Management and Security Suite reports range from general (endpoints, discovery scan jobs) to highly detailed (operating systems installed on network endpoint).
  • Reports vary by product modules installed.
Lumension® Endpoint Management and Security Suite Integrated Reporting Capabilities
  • Provides comprehensive visibility into the endpoint environment and delivers critical feedback to the business regarding performance, endpoint events, security posture, ROI, etc.
Enhanced Wake-on-LAN
  • Enables wake capability for devices that have been powered down as part of power conservation policies.
  • Devices can be commanded to “wake up” at any given time, e.g. to deploy a highly critical patch or urgent software update as part of the Lumension® Patch and Remediation module.
  • Promotable agent architecture allows any agent to be easily converted and act as a relay to broadcast WOL packages throughout your IT environment.
Improves Security Posture for Offline Machines While Reducing IT Power Consumption
  • Eliminates blind spots in ongoing network maintenance and ensures that offline machines receive critical updates, patches and software updates during maintenance windows.
  • Ensures the attainment of maximum energy efficiency when used with power policies viaLumension® Content Wizard.
Intelligently Designed, Workflow-based Console
  • Single, Integrated Web-based Management Console provides full visibility and control of the entire endpoint environment and reduces security gaps.
  • Advanced Usability Features - column multi-sorting and resizing, customizable dashboard and persistence, widgets.
  • Optimized Pre-defined Content Filters allow you to quickly locate content via pre-defined views right from the top navigation. .
Simplifies and Optimizes IT Operations
  • Eases the administration via a workflow-based navigation and an intuitive management console.
Flexible Policy Management

Granular control over agent behavior by applying agent policies consistently across multiple groups.

  • Actively manage your endpoint community.
  • Secure agent communication via SSL.
  • Agent Hardening provides tamper resistance and uninstall protection of the endpoint. .
Optimizes IT Operations

Ensures a more efficient, consistent, and secure process of applying agent policies.

  • Provides consistency across agent groups with a more efficient process of applying agent policies.
  • Enables easy management of agent policies in complex environments.
Remote Systems Management/System Tools
  • Access remote control tools, such as Microsoft Remote Desktop (RDP), VNC, PuTTY, as well as diagnostic tools, such as PING and NSLOOKUP, directly from the Lumension® Endpoint Management and Security Suite management console without needing to know the DNS or IP address.
  • Extend remote management tools access to help desk personnel to provide remote assistance without incurring additional fees.
Reduces Your TCO and Simplifies Remote Troubleshooting
  • Leverages your investment in Lumension® Endpoint Management and Security Suite and provides direct access to basic connectivity troubleshooting tools.
  • Customize Lumension® Endpoint Management and Security Suite to send automatic email notifications for specific endpoint events or system errors, such as:
    • New agent version available.
    • New agent registration.
    • License management (upcoming license expiration/renewal).
Reduces Time and Resource Impact Spent on Alerts
  • Automates email notifications to reduce impact on IT from manually sending notifications.
Relational, Dynamic Views of Inventory and Content
  • Relational context between inventory and content create powerful and flexible endpoint views and groupings.
  • Flexibility to create ad-hoc groups that populate automatically based on any inherited or assigned endpoint attribute.
Creates IT Efficiencies
  • Provides intelligent and custom endpoint views and groupings that improve IT efficiencies.
Effective Inventory Management
  • Provides an extensive inventorying capability covering hardware, network, operating systems, services, and installed software.
Improves Visibility of IT Environment
  • Increases your security posture and operational savings with effective inventory management.