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Quantify Your Risk

Gain visibility and discover all removable devices on your network.

Removable devices are valuable productivity tools that facilitate data access and movement for improved collaboration between employees and partners. But the potential impact of data loss due to increased insider risk is a very real concern, be it accidental or malicious. In fact, the percentage of breaches attributed to insiders more than doubled in the last year.1 The information contained in customer data, corporate data and intellectual property is worth billions to some. And the costs for recovery of data and lost business are rapidly rising as well, with the average per incident cost now estimated to be $7.2 million.2

Removable devices (such as USB flash drives) and media (such as DVDs/CDs) are valuable productivity tools that are regularly used by employees to improve access and transfer of information. Analysts estimate that nearly 4 billion USB-enabled devices will ship in 2012.3 And these devices are the most common data leakage routes – no file copy limits, no encryption, no audit trails and no central management.


Unruly USB Devices Expose Networks to Malware

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And as more users depend on USB and portable devices to store and move data, the more tantalizing a target these devices are to cybercriminals looking for new paths into large networks. According to researchers, as many as one in four malware attacks4 is carried out through a USB device, with recent examples including Stuxnet and Conficker.

To ensure that productivity is maintained or even improved - without the risk of data loss or introduction of malware - a centralized solution is needed that automates the discovery of devices, defines and enforces device use and data encryption policies by user/group, and provides detailed forensic information to track data events.

Lumension® Device Control enforces flexible usage policies for removable devices, removable media, and data (such as read/write, encryption) that enable organizations to embrace productivity-enhancing tools while limiting the potential for data leakage and its impact. With Lumension® Device Control, you can:

  • Enable productivity and reduce insider risk by centrally managing security policies regarding the use of removable devices (e.g., USB flash drives) and media (e.g., DVDs/CDs) through a flexible device whitelist approach Software Demo: Securing Your USB Flash Drives
  • Prevent malware intrusion via removable devices / media, adding a layer of protection to your network
  • Ensure protection whether or not endpoints are connected to the network
  • Provide the visibility, forensics and reporting needed to demonstrate compliance with applicable laws via patented bi-directional shadowing
  • Leverage a seamless layer of protection within a defense-in-depth strategy via the integration with Lumension® Endpoint Management and Security Suite


Where Lumension® Device Control Works

Lumension® Device Control supports any ports and devices recognized by Windows, including all Plug-and-Play and user-defined devices.

Physical Interfaces

Wireless Interfaces

Device Types

  • USB
  • FireWire
  • ATA / IDE
  • SCSI
  • LPT / Parallel
  • COM / Serial
  • PS/2
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • IrDA
  • Wireless NICs
  • Removable Storage Devices
  • External Hard Drives
  • DVD / CD Drives
  • Floppy Drives
  • Tape Drives
  • Printers
  • Modems / Secondary Network Access Devices
  • PDAs and other handhelds
  • Imaging Devices (Scanners)
  • Biometric Devices
  • Windows Portable Devices
  • Smart Card Readers
  • PS/2 Keyboards
  • User-Defined Devices


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