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Key Product Features


Single Solution for Heterogeneous Environments

  • Vulnerability audits and remediation with wide support across major OS platforms (Windows, including Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2; Linux; MacOS; Sun Solaris; HP; etc.), POSIX and infrastructure devices— all from one single console.
  • Vulnerability audits include security configurations, OS and application vulnerabilities, null passwords, patch-level related vulnerabilities, known hacking tools, malware, common worms, and P2P software checks.

Learn more about Lumension OS coverage.

Provides a Consolidated, Single Tool To Meet All Your Patching Needs

  • Enforces corporate patch policies regardless of the endpoint platform or applications.
  • Optimizes IT operations and provides an improved security posture and reduced TCO via a broad vulnerability assessment and remediation database.
  • Eliminates software-defect vulnerabilities per policy on all platforms.
  • Supports the latest Microsoft technology, with support for Windows Server 2008R2 and Windows 7.

Industry's Largest Microsoft and Non-Microsoft Application Vulnerability Content


Delivers a Single Solution To Address All Your Software Application Vulnerability Patching Needs

  • Strengthens your endpoint security posture through expanded 3rd party vulnerability content that now includes the broadest Adobe coverage in the industry.
  • Delivers  patch content 2 times faster than before.

Simplified Entitled Content Rights Management Across Supported Entitled Platforms

  • Seamlessly manage 3rd party vendor credentials via an integrated Credentials Manager for:
    • Red Hat Linux
    • Oracle Linux
    • SuSE
    • Solaris
    • HP-UX

Reduces Complexity Managing Entitled Content from Multiple Vendors

  • Enables you to manage and report on Lumension and 3rd party licensed content automatically from a single console - without complex or manual credentials management.

Distributed Patch Payload Caching

  • Deploy patches to a distributed endpoint environment via elevated distribution points.

Reduces Network Overhead and Optimizes IT Operations

  • Lumension caching proxies reduce bandwidth usage for patching.
  • Improves network performance by limiting traffic across the network.

Vulnerability Management for both Physical and Virtual Assets

  • Virtual awareness provides confidence in successfully managing your virtual datacenter infrastructure.

Increases Visibility and Security Posture

  • Enables you to manage both physical and virtual systems within one endpoint management solution.

Advanced Patch Deployment and Reboot Control

  • Customize patch deployments with advanced tools, e.g. chain multiple patches, set custom flags, control reboot/dismiss options.

Optimizes IT Resources by Simplifying Patch Creation

  • Reduces overhead needed for patch deployments.
  • Allows IT resources to focus on more complex tasks.
  • Reduces user inconvenience and IT helpdesk calls.

Policy Baselines for Automation of System Management Tasks

  • Automate time-consuming tasks across the entire network, including automated scheduling of disk defragmentation tasks, and policy enforcement for account, device control, domain, network, and system policy security settings.

Streamlines System Desktop Configuration Tasks

  • Saves time and effort by centrally managing system desktop configuration tasks and policies.

Flexible Operating Hours

  • Administrators can define specific days and intervals of time during which the agent can communicate with the server and perform operations, in granular half hour increments.

Ensures No Downtime or Disruptions

  • Minimizes business disruptions and thus improves the productivity of the organization.

Software Deployment and Removal

Policy-based installation of new and updated software packages.

  • Quickly identify installed software on endpoints.
  • Automatic removal of outdated or unauthorized software.
  • Ongoing monitoring and baseline enforcement.

Optimizes IT Efficiencies and Improves Software Usage Compliance

  • Allows IT resources to focus on more complex tasks.
  • Enforces organizational policy.

Custom Content Wizards

  • Extends the capabilities of Lumension® Patch and Remediation with custom scripting capabilities.
  • Custom detection, deployment, patching, and remediation of 3rd party and in-house content.
  • Create custom checks and remediation to detect and alleviate security risks and operational efficiency issues in your environment.
  • Examples include: making sure AV is installed, distributing 3rd party patches, following application deltas, and more.

Improves Operational Efficiency

  • Simplifies remediation package development and provides centralized deployment, management and reporting on all custom IT scripts.

Power Management

  • Leverages your Lumension® Patch and Remediation infrastructure to centralize management and enforcement of power policies across complex environments. Policies include: standby, hibernation and sleep timing setting based on user and system inactivity.

Reduces Endpoint Energy Costs and Enforces Green Policies

  • Dramatically reduces power consumption by standardizing policy-based power settings of systems across the organization without the required investment of an additional power-management product, relying on a centrally managed domain or impacting user productivity.

Continuous Policy Enforcement of Patches, Remediations and Configurations

  • Automatically enforces patches, configurations, remediations and other custom and repetitive tasks.
  • Baseline policies can be easily exported and applied across multiple groups and servers for consistency.

Enhances Security Posture and Lowers TCO

  • Ensures that patches, configurations, remediations and other custom and repetitive tasks are continuously and automatically enforced.
  • Simplifies the recreation of previous mandatory baseline policies and ensures consistency across the network.

Multi-Patch Deployments

  • Delivers multiple patches to multiple computers in one distribution.

Reduces IT Costs

  • Simultaneously eliminates multiple vulnerabilities are simultaneously eliminated while minimizing IT costs.

Subscription Service

  • Automatic and secure identification and notification of the latest patch vulnerabilities across multiple platforms and applications.

Saves IT Operations Time and Effort

  • Eliminates the cost of manually monitoring, acquiring and staging patches for multiple platforms and applications throughout the enterprise.

Enhances Your Security Posture

  • Ensures systems stay patched and are automatically updated.
  • Ensures unauthorized packages are not able to enter your network.

Integration with Lumension® Endpoint Management and Security Suite


Seamless Security Enforcement

  • Reduces endpoint agent bloat across endpoints and improves endpoint performance with coordinated scans and policy enforcement.
  • Improves endpoint visibility across antivirus definitions, vulnerabilities, configurations, and device and application policies - for both online and offline machines.
  • Lumension® Intelligent Whitelisting™ automatically updates hash files for whitelisted applications.
  • Unified workflow ensures security without disrupting IT or end user productivity.