Suite Core Features

Key Suite Feature


Modular, Extensible Architecture

  • Scalable, enterprise-class architecture grows with your business, providing secure management of all endpoints in small as well as larger, distributed and highly complex IT infrastructures.

Performance and Scalability

  • This extensible platform utilizes a single infrastructure that ultimately reduces your TCO.

Single, Resilient Agent for Stability and Control

  • Lumension® Endpoint Management and Security Suite utilizes a single agent architecture with modularly delivered product capabilities to eliminate agent bloat and simplify upgrades.
  • Self-monitoring and recovery capabilities ensure continuous agent availability and control despite any unforeseen system health issues.

Improves Operational Security

  • The Lumension agent is modular, easy-to-deploy and tamper-resistant.

Immediate Policy Updates and Actions

  • Delivers near real-time policy and event updates between server and agents, enabling immediate endpoint management.

Take Any Action in Real Time

  • Securely provides the efficiency and near real-time interaction without relying on Push technology (currently available in all product modules except Lumension® Patch and Remediation). .

Role-based Access Control

Provides granular control of groups and domains.

  • Enables different users to have distinct views and system access dependent on their role or security level in the company.

Simplified, Secure and Flexible Console Access

  • Safeguards sensitive information and prevents user errors potentially caused by unauthorized user access.

Active Directory Integration and Synchronization

  • Supports domains, user groups, and individual users set up in Active Directory.
  • Schedulable AD Sync wizard harmonizes the infrastructure set-up.
    • Sync to entire AD domain or individual groups.

Reduces IT Operations Time and Effort

  • Reduces setup and maintenance of users and user groups by leveraging definitions in existing Active Directory.

Enhanced Asset Discovery and Agent Deployment

  • Scans the environment for endpoints, providing comprehensive visibility into both managed and unmanaged systems.
  • Deploys agents to unmanaged systems interactively, automatically or on a scheduled basis.

Improved Visibility and Security Posture

  • Always know what’s connected to your network with discovery and agent deployment for both physical and virtual environments.

Virtual Infrastructure Aware

  • Comprehensive inventory management system identifies all virtual systems in your environment.
  • Virtual awareness provides confidence in successfully managing your virtual datacenter infrastructure.

Increases Your Visibility and Security Posture

  • Enables you to manage both physical and virtual systems within the same endpoint management solution.

Installation Manager

Simplifies Upgrade, Addition, and Removal of Lumension® Endpoint Management and Security Suite modules.

  • Easy upgrades: Integrated application that easily identifies licensed modules and new upgrades available for installation.
  • Safe installations and upgrades: Ensures compatibility between feature/server module versions through installation suites.

Reduces Operational TCO

  • Supplies a view of all licensed modules in the entire environment.
  • Reduces the time and effort IT staff needs for software upgrades by simplifying Lumension® Endpoint Management and Security Suite module installations, uninstalls, and upgrades across the environment. .


Lumension® Endpoint Management and Security Suite features a wide range of predefined, integrated report templates that list and/or depict data collected during network management and range from general (endpoints, discovery scan jobs) to highly detailed (operating systems installed on network endpoint).

  • Standard reports included in Lumension® Endpoint Management and Security Suite provide raw data that can be extracted and manipulated to meet all of your reporting needs.
  • Lumension® Reporting Services (a free add-on that integrates with L.E.M.S.S.) is a collection of powerful and actionable pre-defined reports providing centralized visibility of IT assets and the security posture of the L.E.M.S.S. endpoint environment.
  • Reports vary by product modules installed.

Lumension® Endpoint Management and Security Suite Integrated Reporting Capabilities

  • Provide a complete and actionable snapshot of your organization’s security, operational and compliance postures for comprehensive visibility into the endpoint environment and critical feedback to the business regarding performance, endpoint events, security posture, ROI, etc.

Enhanced Wake-on-LAN

  • Enables wake capability for devices that have been powered down as part of power conservation policies.
  • Devices can be commanded to “wake up” at any given time, e.g. to deploy a highly critical patch or urgent software update as part of the Lumension® Patch and Remediation module.
  • Promotable agent architecture allows any agent to be easily converted and act as a relay to broadcast WOL packages throughout your IT environment.

Improves Security Posture for Offline Machines While Reducing IT Power Consumption

  • Eliminates blind spots in ongoing network maintenance and ensures that offline machines receive critical updates, patches and software updates during maintenance windows.
  • Ensures the attainment of maximum energy efficiency when used with power policies viaLumension® Content Wizard.

Intelligently Designed, Workflow-based Console

  • Single, Integrated Web-based Management Console provides full visibility and control of the entire endpoint environment and reduces security gaps.
  • Advanced Usability Features - column multi-sorting and resizing, customizable dashboard and persistence, widgets.
  • Optimized Pre-defined Content Filters allow you to quickly locate content via pre-defined views right from the top navigation. .

Simplifies and Optimizes IT Operations

  • Eases the administration via a workflow-based navigation and an intuitive management console.

Flexible Policy Management

Granular control over agent behavior by applying agent policies consistently across multiple groups.

  • Actively manage your endpoint community.
  • Secure agent communication via SSL.
  • Agent Hardening provides tamper resistance and uninstall protection of the endpoint. .

Optimizes IT Operations

Ensures a more efficient, consistent, and secure process of applying agent policies.

  • Provides consistency across agent groups with a more efficient process of applying agent policies.
  • Enables easy management of agent policies in complex environments.

Remote Systems Management/System Tools

  • Access remote control tools, such as Microsoft Remote Desktop (RDP), VNC, PuTTY, as well as diagnostic tools, such as PING and NSLOOKUP, directly from the Lumension® Endpoint Management and Security Suite management console without needing to know the DNS or IP address.
  • Extend remote management tools access to help desk personnel to provide remote assistance without incurring additional fees.

Reduces Your TCO and Simplifies Remote Troubleshooting

  • Leverages your investment in Lumension® Endpoint Management and Security Suite and provides direct access to basic connectivity troubleshooting tools.


  • Customize Lumension® Endpoint Management and Security Suite to send automatic email notifications for specific endpoint events or system errors, such as:
    • New agent version available.
    • New agent registration.
    • License management (upcoming license expiration/renewal).

Reduces Time and Resource Impact Spent on Alerts

  • Automates email notifications to reduce impact on IT from manually sending notifications.

Relational, Dynamic Views of Inventory and Content

  • Relational context between inventory and content create powerful and flexible endpoint views and groupings.
  • Flexibility to create ad-hoc groups that populate automatically based on any inherited or assigned endpoint attribute.

Creates IT Efficiencies

  • Provides intelligent and custom endpoint views and groupings that improve IT efficiencies.

Effective Inventory Management

  • Provides an extensive inventorying capability covering hardware, network, operating systems, services, and installed software.

Improves Visibility of IT Environment

  • Increases your security posture and operational savings with effective inventory management. .