Endpoint Power Management reduces overall IT power consumption and costs without sacrificing productivity or security.

Endpoint Power Management Business Issues & Challenges

Optimization is often what determines business success, particularly in a challenging economic environment. As organizations search for ways to reduce their overhead costs and improve their competitive stance, the use of a PC power management solution can deliver dramatic operating cost savings. Organizations can save $60 per machine by deploying power management policies. The challenge for many organizations is that IT environments are complex, and enforcing desktop power management policies can be burdensome if they are not centralized. Further, it is imperative that end-user productivity is not diminished and that visibility of IT assets is not impaired due to systems being dormant.

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As organizations attempt to achieve IT cost savings by reducing PC power consumption, oftentimes security is put at bay - machines in the network that are offline or configured to sleep mode may not receive necessary patches or software updates. These operational "blind-spots" hinder effective endpoint management and reduce overall security. For example, in the case of a zero-day vulnerability, organizations must be able to access their IT environments in order to deploy risk-mitigating configurations and patches.

With Lumension's Endpoint Power Management solution, organizations can easily define and enforce power conservation policies, and automatically bring offline systems back online to perform system maintenance and/or IT security updates (including patching and configurations) during off peak work hours so that organizational productivity is not impacted. The end result is a more efficient and secure IT environment. Lumension's endpoint power management solution enables organizations to:

  • Dramatically reduce PC power consumption and IT TCO by defining and enforcing system-wide power management policies across endpoints without requiring additional investment in stand-alone power-management products.
  • Easily create and deploy power conservation policies to optimize IT operations and facilitate the enforcement of green policies in complex, distributed IT environments - without relying on a centrally managed domain.
  • Eliminate operational and security “blind-spots” and improve endpoint security through both scheduled and emergency maintenance windows to effectively patch distributed endpoints, while also taking advantage of aggressive policies that power-down inactive systems.
  • Effectively demonstrate the value of reduced power consumption through enhanced power management reporting and use this information to apply for potential power savings rebates from your local power company.
  • Ensure continuous compliance with green IT policies through ongoing monitoring of desktop and laptop uptime.