ePrism Email Security Suite

EdgeWave's award-winning ePrism Email Security Suite delivers next-generation services that protect your messaging infrastructure with comprehensive end-to-end solutions. ePrism defends against emerging threats, assures continuous mail stream flow, protects against data loss and helps fulfill regulatory compliance, while assuring the fast, accurate delivery of business-critical email.

MS Security Email Security

Inbound/Outbound Message Filtering
ePrism hosted email security services offer industry-leading inbound/outbound Spam and Antivirus filtering, policy categorization and automated seamless directory integration in a hosted SaaS solution that can be provisioned immediately, without having to install any hardware or software. This award-winning technology offers infinite scalability, 160 hours of spooling and unrivalled threat protection with exclusive zero-minute defense. Learn more

MS LDP Data Loss Protection (DLP)

The ePrism Suite includes a content analysis and policy engine that uses proprietary technology to keep private information from being transmitted via outgoing email. ePrism DLP analyzes data being sent out of your network to detect private content in data in motion and prevent sensitive and protected data from leaving your network. Learn more

MS Continuity Email Continuity

ePrism Email Continuity automatically spools all your email in case of unplanned or planned shutdown, assuring that your users have access to their email. This service allows users to easily manage their messages and avoid any disruption in the flow of critical, legitimate business communications. Learn more

MS Archive Email Archive

ePrism Email Archive retains your email in an unalterable state to help meet requirements for regulatory compliance, litigation issues, storage management needs, or to fulfill business best practices guidelines. As an in-the-cloud service, scalability is assured and our secure data collection technology provides comprehensive interoperability with all messaging systems.

MS Encryption Email Encryption

ePrism Email encryption assures the secure delivery of email to your customers, vendors, partners and other individuals, with next-generation technology that eliminates the cost and complexity associated with many traditional encryption services. Learn more