ePrism Data Loss Protection (DLP)

Our DLP feature gives you the powerful tools you need to comply with government regulations and prevent the loss of sensitive private data. 

ePrism Email Security Suite includes a content analysis and policy engine that uses proprietary technology to protect private information transmitted via outgoing email. As part of EdgeWave's Secure Content Management portfolio, this data protection technology analyzes data being sent out of your network to detect private content in data in motion and prevent sensitive and protected data from leaving your network. ePrism DLP gives you the powerful tools you need to comply with government regulations, such as HIPAA and GLBA, and prevents the loss of all types of private data, including, patient healthcare information, financial information and social security and credit card numbers.

Data Compliance
Easy Deployment
ePrism DLP is easily managed from the central dashboard and can be provisioned within hours to start protecting your organization. With technology that delivers unrivalled accuracy while assuring low latency, you can add a layer of protection to your security strategy without adversely affecting the delivery of your legitimate email.

Proprietary Technology
The DLP feature can be enabled in the ePrism Email Security whether you are using the hosted solution or have an ePrism managed appliance installed at the edge of your network to monitor all outbound SMTP traffic.

Our built-in content analysis detects and prevents critical private data from being sent out of your network, allowing you to comply with regulatory legislation and defend against email-borne threats.