ePrism Email Continuity

High-Availability Email Messaging Protection

Email has become an indispensable tool in the normal functioning of virtually all organizations. Both internally and externally, email has replaced phone and face-to-face meetings as the primary way we communicate with colleagues, customers, partners and vendors. That's why even a few minutes of interruption can create a flood of help desk requests. Backup systems and archiving help retain your email, but they don't offer the real-time web-based access that allows end-users to continue managing their stream of business email communications regardless of interruptions.

ePrism Email Continuity Service provides an uninterrupted flow of your email stream assuring your users access to their mail and empowering them to manage messaging and avoid any disruption in the flow of critical, legitimate business communications.

ePrism Email Continuity Service assures that your users are never without email access:

  • If an interruption occurs, our Email Continuity Service automatically spools your emails as soon as the destination mail server becomes unavailable.
  • Once Email Continuity is enabled, users can easily access their email as if no interruption had happened:
    • Read, compose, reply to, forward and delete messages
    • Upload and download attachments
    • Perform full text searches of all the messages in their mailboxes
  • As administrator, you can implement rules to have the emails diverted to your users' "Sent Mail" folders to complete the activity synchronization.
  • It supports direct LDAP integration so end-users credentials can be configured to synchronize and will be cached during the outage
  • ePrism Email Continuity Service provides a rolling 35-day archive of both inbound and outbound messages, which are made available for use during the interruption just as they would if messaging systems were working. Emails you are sending are retained for delivery as soon as your mail systems are back.

Email Downtime is Costly

The price of not having an email continuity service can be much higher than the acquisition costs:

  • Lost Business - Without email, you can't process transactions, deliver or receive quotes and proposals, or respond to customers. No email continuity means you risk of losing customers and valuable customer prospects.
  • Compliance & Regulatory Risks - Without an email continuity service, you could be more vulnerable to security exploits and regulatory compliance breaches as employees turn to personal messaging systems like to bridge the interruption. Outages might cause you to lose critical audit and tracking information.
  • Damage To Reputation - Significant loss of your organization's good reputation can occur if your business-critical email is not promptly handled.
  • Lost Productivity - Osterman Research as found that when an email server is down, employees report being 25% less productive. This can translate into hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue and opportunities.