ePrism Email Encryption

Regulatory legislation, legal requirements and your organization's internal policies make secure email delivery more important than ever. ePrism Email Encryption Service provides a cost-effective solution that protects your organization from financial fines, brand reputation damage and other negative consequences that can occur when unsecured proprietary or sensitive email leaves your organization. ePrism's fully hosted park and pull technology requires no key codes or email encryption software a the endpoints, for fast, affordable implementation.


  • ePrism Email encryption can be enabled by users or automatically triggered per administrator-defined rules
  • Assures the secure delivery of all encrypted email messages
  • ePrism Email Encryption Service supports regulatory compliance, AUP and your peace-of-mind by protecting confidentiality and privacy
  • Completely hosted encrypted email service with easy setup and management and low TCO
  • The Email Encryption Service is integrated with ePrism Email Security and DLP for multi-layered protection against emerging threats and data loss
  • ePrism Email Encryption Service supports all email gateways
  • Requires no email encryption software because the recipient interacts with messages via secure webmail interface
  • Combines with ePrism TLS email encryption for comprehensive protection

TLS Server-to-Server Email Encryption

TLS is a delivery method that encrypts communications between two email servers by first having each mail server authenticate to the other, making it harder to send spoofed email. Then, the contents of the emails sent between the two servers is encrypted email, protecting messsages while in transit. The encryption itself remains totally transparent to both sender and recipient.

Park and Pull Encrypted Email Service

ePrism Encryption Service includes park and pull technology designed to provide secure communication between the sender and the recipient of messages, even individuals outside and unrelated to your organization. Encrypted email can be routed based on a variety of rules leveraging ePrism's email filtering technology. Park and pull encryption is enhanced by ePrism DLP so that encryption can be triggered by DLP violations. Unlike end-to-end email encryption software, the park and pull technique does not require the installation of any software by the sender, recipient or on the email hosts of either. Nor does it require an encryption key to deliver the email. 

How Park and Pull Encryption Works

  1. The message originator sends an email that is designated to be encrypted whether automatic per rules or manual per user.
  2. Encrypted sent messages are stored on ePrism's secured encrypted email message portal
  3. A notification message is sent to all recipients containing a link that takes the recipient to the secured Web page where the encrypted email can be viewed and other actions taken.
  4. Recipients are identified by registering just once, after which they have a secured portal and can take action with their encrypted email to read, reply, delete, forward, save or print it.

Encrypted Email Service Reporting

The reporting feature includes message tracking and audit trail, allowing you to manage and troubleshoot. These reports also support compliance with regulatory requirements by providing evidentiary data if legal issues should arise.