ePrism Offers Next-Gen Email Solutions

ePrism Email Security delivers inbound/outbound anti-spam, anti-virus blocking, malware blocking, as well as email policy enforcement and TLS encryption as part of our affordable on-demand protection. Your email is filtered through a stack of tests and categorized so you can apply policies that determine email disposition and assure that only secure email reaches your employee mailboxes. This means we don't filter just for spam. Your email is filtered into over 16 different categories, allowing you to designate disposition such as accept, markup, quarantine, block, and more. Our secure email services scale to fit any size organization from small and medium-sized businesses to large enterprises. Because we host the applications and infrastructure required to protect your organization, you are assured optimum ease-of-management and set-up requires only a simple MX path redirect. There is nothing to install and no maintenance required - the ultimate in no-touch secure email solutions that conserves your resources and your network. Our global data centers provide redundancy and failsafe capabilities so you don't have to worry about losing data you might need for legal evidence or regulatory compliance. EdgeWave offers comprehensive secure email services you can rely upon.

Proprietary Features

ePrism allows you to secure the email server against unwanted malware with exclusive features such as Zero Minute Defense, a human-reviewed analysis of emerging threats that is unrivalled in the industry. When a threat is identified, our engineers analyze it and immediately create a protection rule to block it that is applied to your hosted secure email service. No other solution on the market can match our speed and efficiency in stopping threats. ePrism's centralized management tools allow you to easily manage all your services including DLP, Continuity, Encryption and Archive from a single management console. ePrism also offers disaster recovery that spools all email for 160 hours and filtered email for 35 days, you won't worry about losing business-critical email if a sudden event occurs. Learn more

Optional On-Premises Appliance

ePrism Email Security is also available as a fully managed, on-premises appliance if your organization requires it. This allows you the easy management of a hosted secure email service plus the advantages of appliance-based secure email services.