Comprehensive Web Security

With Internet-based threats evolving dramatically, you need a solution that will lock down your Web server so that security is assured. You also need a Web security gateway that can keep up with the threats emerging daily. 

iPrism, from EdgeWave combines simplicity, performance and value to deliver corporate Web security that includes multilayered protection from threats such as malware, botnets, viruses, spyware, circumvention tools, anonymous browsing, IM, P2P, inappropriate content and any unwanted Web application. Security with iPrism offers the best of both worlds because our exclusive technology delivers the security of a high-performance appliance and the flexibility and scalability of a feature-rich, Web security software. 

Self-Contained Solution
iPrism is a self-contained solution with its own hardened and optimized operating system that enables its unique kernel-level filtering. Kernel-level filtering empowers IT administrators to achieve comprehensive management of users' access to the Web server. Security is assured with better performance and complete interoperability on any platform.

iPrism's rich feature set includes exclusive botnet technology, the Circumvention Defense network with Web application security, Hybrid Remote Filtering, and other unique features that deliver the scalability of a Web security software solution and the ease-of-use of an appliance-based solution in one integrated Web security gateway.

Superior Interoperability
iPrism offers comprehensive corporate Web security with universal interoperability on any platform and in any network environment. Simple to set up and requiring virtually zero maintenance, iPrism provides the perfect Web security gateway, allowing your organization to mitigate the risks of legal liability, defend against security breaches, and prevent productivity loss. You can easily enforce your Internet acceptable use and security policies with comprehensive on-box reporting. And iPrism seamlessly integrates with your directory services to automate authentication for fast and easy deployment across your organization. 

iPrism Highlights

Multi-Layered Security Threat Protection
iPrism's unique combination of enforcement methods assures powerful protection from botnets, malware, viruses, phishing and other threats. These methods include integration with our exclusive outbound anti-botnet technology, the 100% human-review iGuard URL database, integrated AV engine, and iPrism's unique Circumvention Defense Network. 

Circumvention Defense Network (CDN) and Anonymous Browsing Protection
iPrism defends against circumvention tools, proxies and anonymizers that enable users to intentionally bypass your acceptable use and security policies and expose your network to security breaches, data leakage and inappropriate content.

Proprietary Technology
iPrism technology is port-agnostic providing comprehensive coverage across your network. Its exclusive transparent bridge deployment won't introduce latency to your network traffic no matter how busy your network gets

Hybrid Remote Filtering Requiring no VPN or Hardware in the DMZ
With iPrism's exclusive hybrid technology, you can manage remote users easily with no VPN tunnels, no DMZ proxy deployments and no browser-specific PAC files required, assuring bandwidth conservation and no latency.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
iPrism is affordably priced and, as a dedicated self-contained solution that combines Web security software and appliance-based technology, there is no need for any additional software or hardware. With virtually no maintenance required, our solution frees IT personnel to focus on other issues and your corporate Web security is assured.