iPrism Web Security Appliance

A Powerful Internet Security Appliance

The iPrism Web Security delivers comprehensive, policy-driven Web Security by combining software flexibility and scalability with the security and control of an network security appliance based solution. The iPrism h-Series Web security appliance is designed to enhance iPrism's capabilities now as well as prepare for new features and functionality in the future.

Secure Content Management for the Enterprise

EdgeWave introduces our newest network security appliance, the 500h, built to handle the size and bandwidth requirements of a large enterprise or any organization that wants to manage Web access in a bandwidth-intensive environment.

Transparent Bridge Deployment of iPrism Web Security Appliance

Our exclusive transparent bridge deployment allows the iPrism Internet security appliance to delivers powerful Web security that won't introduce latency to your network traffic no matter how busy your network gets. Even networks with the largest pipelines are easily managed by our combination of seamless in-line deployment or iPrism network security appliances and the exclusive kernel-level filtering technology. Learn More

Terminal Services

If you're a Citrix user, your environment can cause special challenges when you need to deploy an Internet filtering solution such as the iPrism Intenet security appliance. Recent tests conducted by Citrix engineers confirm that the iPrism Web Security appliance based solution surpasses all competitors in its ability to easily integrate within a Citrix environment without degrading performance. That's why Citrix has proclaimed iPrism the only Citrix Ready Web Security appliance based solution on the market.Learn More

Remote Filtering

iPrism Web Security offers a Hybrid Remote Filter that employs proprietary technology to combine our Web security appliance based technology with in-the-cloud flexibility. IPrism Remote Filtering brings powerful Web filtering to all your users, regardless of their location, without using your VPN, deploying anything in the DMZ or requiring any PAC file implementations. iPrism Web Security appliances eliminate browser latency while delivering secure and comprehensive Web access management to all your off-premises users. Learn More

Comprehensive Email and Web Security Appliance Solutions

EdgeWave offers comprehensive security solutions including both email and web security appliance based products. The ePrism Email Security Suite offers in-the-cloud protection against spam, data loss, and compliance violations.