iPrism Web Security Technology

iPrism Web Security, powered by iPrism technology offers the security of a high-performance appliance and the flexibility and scalability of a feature-rich, software-based solution. Our iPrism technology, with its hardened and optimized operating system and unique kernel-level filtering combines with powerful appliances to bring you comprehensive, accurate and secure Web access management, with no latency.

Unmatched Security and Stability
iPrism Web Security's on-premises appliances have secure connections and hardened OS that make it impervious to external threats and security breaches. In addition, even internal corruption due to power loss or disconnect aren't a problem because our appliances are optimized for uptime and rapid reboot.

Proprietary Technology
iPrism technology is port-agnostic providing comprehensive coverage across your network. Its exclusive transparent bridge deployment won't introduce latency to your network traffic no matter how busy your network gets. With filtered traffic throughput speeds over 500 Mbps, even networks with the largest pipelines are easily managed by iPrism's combination of in-line deployment and kernel-level filtering technology.

Multi-Layered Security Threat Protection
iPrism's unique combination of enforcement methods assures powerful protection from botnets, malware, viruses, phishing and other threats. These methods include integration with a comprehensive botnet threat index, the 100% human-review iGuard URL database, integrated AV engine, and iPrism's unique Circumvention Defense Network. Together they deliver unrivalled protection to your organization and are easily enabled via simple check boxes, rather than complex multi-dimensional rule sets.