ePrism Data Loss Protection (DLP) FAQ

Our DLP feature gives you the powerful tools you need to comply with government regulations and prevent the loss of sensitive private data. 

Many organizations handle increasing amounts of confidential data on a daily basis. However the technologies that make this data easy to access and share also increase the risk of unauthorized disclosure and loss of sensitive, protected data. This has potentially serious consequences, including financial penalties, customer dissatisfaction and increased regulatory scrutiny that can cause significant damage to your business and brand reputation. 

Q. What is Data Loss Protection (DLP)?

A: DLP, part of EdgeWave Email Security is an automatic surveillance system that consistently watches computer activity on your outgoing email (SMTP) traffic being generated by servers, desktop and laptop computers. EdgeWave DLP protects confidential data by identifying and securing it to prevent security policy violations and maintain regulatory compliance. EdgeWave DLP gives you the powerful tools you need to comply with government and industry regulations, such as SOX, FINRA, PCI DSS, HIPAA/HITECH and GLBA.

Q. What kind of data does DLP monitor?

A: DLP monitors and prevents the loss of all types of private data, including:
  • Patient healthcare information
  • Financial information
  • Social Security Numbers
  • Credit Card Numbers
  • Profanity (Optional)

Q. What will happen if DLP detects confidential information?

A: When DLP detects confidential data, it automatically categorizes the message and related content so action can be taken. You can configure EdgeWave DLP to block, quarantine and send notifications, markup or allow delivery. You can also configure the Advanced Reporting tool to send daily reports of such activity.

Q. Will my email be blocked?

A: In most deployments, DLP is configured to block or quarantine any outgoing message containing confidential information. 

Q. What if I am sending confidential information for legitimate business purposes and it is
     blocked by the DLP?

A: If you are sending a legitimate email that happens to contain confidential information and it is blocked, you must contact your IT Administrator to resolve the issue.

Q. Will DLP slow down the performance of the network or my computer?

A: DLP should not significantly impact or slow down the distribution of your email.

Q. What files types are supported by the full attachment scanning feature?

A: For a full list of file types supported, please refer to our data sheet 

Q. How do I add DLP to my ePrism Email Security solution?

A: DLP is a premium feature. To add it to your new or existing ePrism Email Security purchase, please speak with your EdgeWave Representative.