Quest One Privilege Manager for Sudo

Embracing & Enhancing Sudo through Centralized Management

Quest One Privilege Manager for Sudo helps Unix/Linux organizations take privileged account management through sudo to the next level. The Privilege Manager for Sudo plug-ins enhance sudo 1.8.1 (and newer) with a central policy server, centralized management of sudo and the sudoers policy file, centralized reporting on sudoers access rights and activities, as well as keystroke logging of activities performed through sudo. Quest One makes administering sudo across the entire enterprise easy, intuitive and consistent — eliminating the box-by-box management of sudo that is the source of so much inefficiency and inconsistency.

Privilege Manager for Sudo also comes with the Quest One Management Console for Unix (formerly Identity Manager for Unix), a powerful free Web-based, multi-platform console that centralizes and streamlines many of your most difficult Unix management tasks.

Identity & Access Management For Sudo