ThreatSTOP DNS Firewall Overview

RPZ turns your DNS server into a DNS firewall!
Get additional protection against botnets, phishing attacks and other malware.

ThreatSTOP's service for firewalls has always blocked the worst of the worst but there are many situations where an IP block is too specific. ThreatSTOP DNS firewall blocks by domain as well as IP address so it can block just one malicious domain hosted on the same IP address as thousands of innocent domains.

DNS firewall is also more flexible. Instead of simply dropping all traffic, DNS firewall can redirect some queries to a walled garden via a proxy with full IDS/IPS analysis for traffic to places that are suspect but may not in fact be malicious.

ThreatSTOP DNS Firewall uses a feature introduced into BIND nameservers called Response Policy Zone or RPZ. Using RPZ, a nameserver can return different results when a client queries for a domain that is considered problematic.